The restaurant of the campsite features a terrace for those who like to eat outside. In the main room of the restaurant there is a big counter where breakfast and light meals can be eaten. There are also tables in this room where all meals of the day are served.

For lunch and dinner there is a separated dining-room more confortable and quiet than the main one. There is another room to play table-games and watch traditional and satellite TV. Important football games are usually displayed here.

The restaurant offers daily manus, breakfast and other meals. These other meals include traditional Spanish food like paella, and fresh fish and seafood.

The restaurant has a grocery store where most of the things needed in a campsite can be found.

The openning times are from 8:00 to 24:00

The bar


Rest rooms

There are three blocks of rest rooms distributed along the campsite. All of them are equipped with showers, bathrooms and sinks.

Hot water is available 24 hours a day in all the blocks (Hot water is included in the price).